Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon 06.27.15

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This Saturday I finished hike number 34/52 for the 52 Hike Challenge in 2015. With my hike of the John Muir Trail only two weeks away, I’ve been crunched for time trying to mix in my training and planning with the demands of everyday life. I’m very lucky to have the San Gabriel mountains so close, as it is allowing me to get a lot of elevation and mileage training in without taking huge chunks of time out of my day. For this hike, I once again made my way up to Icehouse Canyon to complete the 12 mile round-trip journey to Cucamonga Peak. This hike gains nearly 4000 ft, and I hiked it in a personal best time of 4 hours.

I’m so used to hiking early in the morning, that I decided to mix it up and leave at 2 PM. For the JMT, I’ll be hiking at all hours of the day, and I want my body to be ready for anything I throw at it. It was nice to leave so late, as the parking lot was already clearing out, and most of the morning hikers were off of the trail. It was an unusually cloudy day here in Southern California, which made for the perfect speed hiking conditions.

I made it to the summit in 2 hours and 10 minutes, and took a 10 minute break to let my legs rest and take in the views. I met a gentleman who was camping at the summit, and also passed a group of about 5 other guys on the way up with sights on doing the same. Having camped at the summit of Cucamonga Peak a few times, I was jealous. The incredible cloud formations on hand must have made for a spectacular sunset.

Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon
At The Summit Of Cucamonga Peak
Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon
Valley Views

I made my way down just as quickly as I’d ascended, and am feeling really good about my conditioning for the JMT. I just have to keep planning, continue putting in miles, and stay healthy.


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4th Of July On Cucamonga Peak Final John Muir Trail Training 07.04.15

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5 years ago

Can’t wait to follow you on the JMT. You going to blog it live or after the hike?

5 years ago
Reply to  Ian

Thanks, Ian! I’ll be posting after the hike as there are only a few sections along the JMT with service.

5 years ago

Wow you are fast! Looking forward to following your JMT adventure! I’ll be listening for a roar on a mountain top from you:)

5 years ago
Reply to  RoarLoud


5 years ago

Looks amazing! And looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventure too. I think next year I’ll do the 52 hike challenge too 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  setmeravelles

Thanks! It’s been a great way to get out and hike each week, I think you’ll really enjoy it!

The Tiny Trail
5 years ago

Beautiful photos! Can’t wait to read and see pictures of your JMT adventure. We’ll be hiking it next year!

5 years ago
Reply to  The Tiny Trail

Thanks! Great to hear you’ll be walking next year!

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