Hiking Mount Lukens Via The Dunsmore Canyon Loop

Mount Lukens is the highest peak within the city limits of Los Angeles and the westernmost peak in the San Gabriel Mountain Range. Standing tall above the Crescenta Valley, Mount Lukens provides spectacular views of Greater Los Angeles Area, Tujunga Canyon, the San Fernando Valley, and the Verdugo Mountains. The downside to Mount Lukens’ proximity… Read More

Hiking Bastard Ridge To Jones Peak, Hastings Peak, And Mt. Wilson

Bastard Ridge is a hike that truly lives up to it’s name. Starting out in Sierra Madre, this hike starts on the Old Mt. Wilson Trail. You can see my hiking guide for that here. If you’ve never hiked the Old Mt. Wilson Trail, do not attempt Bastard Ridge. This is a leg burning lung… Read More

Hiking Potato Mountain’s East Face Via Evey Canyon Trail

The hike to Potato Mountain via Every Canyon Trail is one of my favorites for quick local outings. At 4.4 miles with 1165ft of climbing, it’s a great way to train for more demanding hikes and backpacking trips. When I’m really looking to push my body, I hike the east face of Potato Mountain. Gaining all 1165 in… Read More

Hiking The Claremont Hills Wilderness Park 5 Mile Loop

The Claremont Hills Wilderness Park 5 mile loop is one of the most popular and well known trails in the Inland Empire. I’m fortunate to live a few miles from this trail, which allows me to use it as my backyard playground. Claremont Hills Wilderness Park can be a zoo on the weekend, so make sure to visit… Read More

Hiking Mt. Wilson Trail To The Mt. Wilson Observatory via Sierra Madre

Most hikers making their way to the summit of Mt. Wilson begin their journey from Chantry Flat. The Chantry Flat hike is very pleasant, but can be a real nightmare when it comes to finding parking. An alternative, and the subject of this guide, is my favorite route to the summit of Mt. Wilson, The Mt.… Read More

Hiking Turnbull Canyon Loop

Turnbull Canyon is a loop trail located in Whittier and part of the Puente Hills Reserve. The cooler months during winter and fall are the perfect time to enjoy Turnbull Canyon, as they offer pleasant daytime temperatures and captivating views of the snow capped San Gabriels. Directions And GPS Tracks: There are a few ways to… Read More

A Winter Ascent Of Mt. Baldy via Baldy Bowl And Ski Hut Trail

Mt. San Antonio, more commonly known as Mt. Baldy, is a 10,064ft mountain peak located in the San Gabriel range of Southern California. There are numerous routes to the summit, with the most popular being Devil’s Backbone and Skit Hut Trail. For winter adventurer’s looking for an introduction to mountaineering, Mt. Baldy offers the steep… Read More

Hiking The South Hills Park Loop And Peak 1212

South Hills Park is a 200 acre park located in the city of Glendora. South Hills Park has a trail network used by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. There are a few access points with trails to enter South Hills Park, but for this hike I started at South Hills City Park on… Read More

Hiking Schabarum Trail, Purple Sage Trail, And Powder Canyon Loop

Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park is a 575 acre park with an easily accessible trail network. Located in Hacienda Heights, Schabarum Park is a popular spot for hikers, bikers, trail runners, and horseback riders. The park is open from 7AM to 6PM October through March, and 7AM to 8PM from April to September. On weekends… Read More

Hiking Up Poop Out And Punk Out Trails In Glendora

The hike ascending Poop Out and Punk Out trails takes hikers up 1632ft of elevation in just under 2 miles. This is a memorable hike to be sure, and not just because of the unforgettable trail names. If you’re looking for a steep and challenging climb in the lower front range of the San Gabriels, you’re going to… Read More