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I created Trail to Peak in 2014 to share my love of local hiking trails here in Southern California. Since then, my humble blog has grown to include detailed guides of my favorite hikes, comprehensive guides of my backpacking trips around the globe, and thorough reviews of all the gear I use along the way.


I’ve hiked and backpacked all over the world, exploring trails like Camino De Santiago, the John Muir Trail, and Tour du Mont Blanc. Here you’ll find backpacking guides to these popular treks and more!

Travel Guides, Tips, and advice

I’ve spent a great deal of my travel time on hiking trails and on backpacking trips, but as a photographer and lover of culture, I also spend quite a bit of time exploring cities and sites of historical importance. Check out my travel guides and read a few helpful tip guides if you’re looking for some travel inspiration. 

Gear Reviews and recommendations

In need of some gear for your next hiking, backpacking outing, or international trip? Check out these reviews to see which products I use and love. 

Discover So-cal hiking trails

Looking for a new hike in Southern California and abroad? I’ve created hiking guides for countless hikes in LA County, San Bernardino County, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and more!


Looking for a great campsite in or around California? Find your next camping adventure here, then explore some of my favorite tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads.

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