My Camino Documentary Hit 100,000 Views On YouTube!

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I logged in to YouTube this morning to reply to a comment on one of my videos and realized that my Camino documentary has eclipsed the 100,000 view mark! It is also one of the top videos that show when searching for “Camino de Santiago”. This was quite a surprise for me given how everything started off. After walking ‘The Way’, and putting together a 42 minute movie, the pessimist in me figured no one on earth would ever want to watch it. I started feeling a little better about things after receiving a lot of positive feedback from friends and family, and that gave me the confidence to post it on YouTube. Since then, I’ve received almost nothing but positive feedback.

One of the coolest and least expected outcomes of posting this video to YouTube is the feedback I’ve received from former and prospective Camino pilgrims. It’s been very special for me to hear their kind words of nostalgia, appreciation, and longing. There are also many who have always wished to walk a pilgrimage, but aren’t able due to reasons of health, time, or finances. When they leave comments about how they were able to walk The Way vicariously through this video, it makes all the work it took to put it together all the more worthwhile.

It’s been three years now since I made my pilgrimage to Santiago, and rarely a week goes by that I don’t think about it. It made that much of an indelible impression. As I mentioned in the video, there comes a time when being a pilgrim isn’t just about what you do, it becomes a part of who you are. That is something that doesn’t just wash away.

I’d like to give a big thank you to anyone who has watched my Camino documentary, because in a lot of ways it was the catalyst that launched this blog. It gave me the inspiration for my Peru documentary, and has filled me with excitement about bringing the John Muir Trail to video this summer!


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19 thoughts on “My Camino Documentary Hit 100,000 Views On YouTube!”

  1. Drew,

    This is Gilberto…perhaps in the midst of the hundreds that have logged on to your website and excellent Camino documentary you don’t remember me- but that’s irrelevant.

    You helped me to begin my CAMINO by your documentary when I began in 2014. I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I’ve come back again… I’m writing from the ‘Seminario Menor Albergue” in Santiago having completed another 30 day walk… More incredible than last year!!!

    The CAMINO dynamic is exploding worldwide…with so many people from different walks of life desiring to “pilgrimage” and the CAMINO is filling the void for transendence in the human soul. I’m seeing it this summer!!!
    You are playing a major role in its promotion and I congratulate you. My appetite is “ravenous” for more CAMINO experience and I’ll return next year for the “via Portugese” then the northern route following and hopefully the “via de la plata” which begins in Cadiz the following year.

    I was resting in an Albergue one cold rainy nite this summer on the CAMINO road ;checking emails when one of your CAMINO documentary blogs popped up out of the blue!!! I wasn’t looking for it that nite but just the same- I enjoyed your comments and encouraging thoughts because I was grappling with aching feet!

    After Santiago- I marched on to Muxia
    (an incredible & peaceful place!) then to Fisterra and back to Santiago.

    I’m certain you don’t underestimate the power of this ancient journey as you’re a man “very well connected”. I appreciate your “take” on The Camino experience and your manner of presentation…you truly respect the philosophy of what Camino really is. Thank you once again Drew- you’re truly an inspiration to us all.

    Buen Camino 👣

    el peregrino – Gilberto

  2. Hi Drew. I didnt know you had made a camino doco so i just spent the last hour watching it. It is really fantastic! It definitely looks like a life changing and spiritual journey, and you’ve captured that well. Well done on your good work!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Drew. It makes me want to do the Camino more than I already did before (which was a lot!). Hopefully I will do it next year after I finish traveling through Southeast Asia. The video was really well done too 🙂 All the best, Lucy

    • Thanks, Lucy! The Camino is one of those trips that really takes a hold of your soul. It’s so cool to hear you’re planning to walk in the future. One year before I walked, it just dawned on me that I had to walk it. Have fun in SE Asia, that’s a trip I have very high up on my bucketlist, and one I hope to complete soon!

  4. Hi Drew! I just finished watching your incredible journey! I cannot wait to share it with my husband. We are planning our Camino April of 2017 when he retires…it can’t come soon enough after watching your beautiful documentary! Congratulations on a job well done!!! May you continue experiencing the beauty this world has to offer in peace and health!


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