Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

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I’ve been a big fan of Hydro Flask’s vacuum insulated hydration bottles for a while now. Their ability to keep my beverages warm or cold for an entire day is a luxury I’ve enjoyed at work, on road trips, and on many car camping weekends in the last few years. Hydro Flask recently released two new products in their ‘Wine Bundle‘ line, the 25 oz Wine Bottle and the 10 oz Wine Tumbler. What makes the Wine Bottle different from other Hydro Flask bottles is its Pure Pour drip free mouth, an insulated leak free cap, and a slip-free silicon base. I have to confess that I don’t actually drink wine. I do however enjoy my fair share of hot and cold coffee. This bottle and tumbler combo seemed like an ideal way to transport and drink hot coffee and cold brew coffee wherever my travels take me. I will detail my experience using the bottle and tumbler in this review.

*As a practical matter, if this combo can keep my coffee hot or cold, I’m sure it will have no issue with chilled or room temperature wine.

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

Build and Performance:

Like all Hydro Flask bottles, the 25 oz Wine Bottle is constructed of pro grade stainless steel, is BPA free, and has a powder coated outer shell. Hydro Flask markets their bottles as being able to keep a beverage cold for 24 hours and piping hot for 6 hours. I’ve tested both numbers and found them to be accurate. The dual layer vacuum prevents conduction, while the sealed lid prevents convection. This also prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle.

The 25 oz Wine Bottle holds the volume of a standard 750mL wine bottle and stands 11.5″. At 15.5 oz while empty, the Wine Bottle (and all Hydro Flasks) are too heavy for longer hikes or backpacking trips. For car camping and casual outings, the weight is more easily managed.

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

The Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle has a polished stainless steel screw cap that has so far proven to be leak proof. I’ve carried this bottle on a few hikes gaining more than 2500 feet, and have not noticed any elevation induced liquid seepage. I’ve also brought the Wine Bottle along for weekend camping trips, where I was able to go from Friday night into Sunday morning with iced coffee.

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

The tumbler is a nice cup to have around camp. I usually just drink coffee straight from the bottle, but will use the tumbler when sharing. The insulated tumbler prevents conduction, while the plastic press-in lid minimizes convection. Since the lid has a drinking spout and isn’t as well sealed as the bottle top, your drink will not maintain it’s temperature as long. For a 10 oz serving, this isn’t really an issue though. I’ve found this tumbler keeps my drinks a desirable temperature long enough for me to consume them.


The trendiest thing in the hiking world these days seems to be “summit brews”, the act of drinking a beer once you’ve reached a mountain peak. I much prefer a few cups of cold brew to celebrate. In the past I’ve gone with cans from Trader Joe’s, but they’re always air temperature by the time I’m ready to drink them. The Hydro Flask Wine Bottle and Tumbler allow me to drink my cold brew and iced coffee the way it’s meant to be enjoyed…ice cold! The weight penalty is well worth the reward.

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

Closing Thoughts:

As with all Hydro Flask products, the 25 oz Wine Bottle and Tumbler comes with a lifetime warranty. Hydro Flask bottles are pretty bomb-proof, but it’s nice to have this peace of mind when dropping loads of cash on a hydration bottle. At $44.95 for the Wine Bottle and $29.95 for the Tumbler, this setup is anything but cheap. I paid $34.95 for the Hydro Flask 24 oz water bottle last year, and it’s a piece of gear I use every day. Still, as an economist, I can’t deny that these are all ‘luxury goods’. My thought process is that it keeps me from buying plastic bottles and cans that end up as trash, and I end up drinking more water to stay hydrated. This Wine Bottle and Tumbler are more of a niche use product when compared to the standard Hydro Flask water bottle, but are worth the money for those that really enjoy wine and coffee.

Buy The 25oz Bottle: Amazon | REI | Hydro Flask
Buy The 10oz Tumbler: Amazon | REI | Hydro Flask

Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler

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Review: Hydro Flask 25 oz Wine Bottle And 10 oz Tumbler


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