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The Salomon Wings Pro 2 has proven to be one of the most promising shoes in my light hiking arsenal this year. It combines a lot of different features I’ve grown to love about Salomon trail running shoes. In years past, I’ve put quite a few miles on my Salmon XA Pro 3D, Sense Pro, S-Lab Wings, and Sense Mantra. I never wore the past versions of the XT Wings series due to the tight toe box and narrow last. This new Wings Pro 2 has a wider toe box, endo-fit (inner socklike liner), a welded sensi-fit overlay, and a slightly wider last, which makes for an all-around great feeling shoe.

**The Wings Pro 2 is nearly identical to the Slab-Wings, with the only differences coming in the midsole, and some of the materials used for the upper. You’ll see me refer to the Slab-Wings a lot for a point of comparison. You can find my review of the Slab-Wings here.

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Salomon Wings Pro 2

Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review

Fit and Feel:

The Wings Pro 2 fit large. I usually wear a 12.5 in Salomon shoes, but purchased a 12 in the Wings Pro 2. I probably could have gotten away with an 11.5 to be honest. The endo-fit makes for a nice a seam-free fit throughout the midfoot. The heel fits very well and is not as wide as the XA Pro 3D. The Wings Pro 2 fit a lot like the S-Lab Wings, but with a little more space in the midfoot and toebox. Speaking of, the toe-box is the biggest improvement over previous versions of this shoe, as Salomon has removed the solid rubber toecap and made the toe area a little wider.

Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review


The upper on the Wings Pro 2 is a highly breathable mesh with a welded sensi-fit overlay. The overlay starts at the midsole providing a rand around the base of the shoe. From the midsole, the sensi-fit continues up to the anchor eyelets of the quick-lace system.  This is one of the most comfortable uppers I’ve ever worn for a Salomon shoe, it feels very similar to the Slab-Wings, with the only difference being that the Wings Pro 2 has a little more volume.

Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Quick Lace


The midsole is an area where Salomon made some of it’s biggest changes to the Wings Pro series. In comparison to the Slab-Wings, the Wings Pro 2 has a noticeable arch support where the Slab-Wings do not. The arch support in the Wings Pro 2 is much like the XA Pro 3D, and is more pronounced than the older XT Wings series. Salomon also added a newer dual layer midsole, with a firm under layer from heel to toe (blue in photos), and a softer layer for the forefoot (green in photos). This has radically changed the feel of this shoe in the best way possible. The older XT Wings, and the XA Pro 3d, were very firm and stable shoes, but also very harsh. This dual layer midsole keeps the stability, and also offers a nice forgiving forefoot.

The Wings Pro 2 comes in with a 10mm heel to toe offset, with 28mm in the heel and 18mm in the forefoot.

The older version of the XT Wings used a 3D Chassis that ran from the heel through the forefoot. Salomon removed this completely from the Slab-Wings. For the Wings Pro 2, Salomon is using just a heel chassis for added stability in support. It feels like the perfect middle ground.

Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Dual Layer
Salmon Wings Pro 2 Gear Review
Heel Chassis


The outsole pattern of the Wings Pro 2 is the same as the outsole for the Slab Wings. Salomon uses a series of Contra-grip rubber and trapezoidal lugs to give great coverage of this outsole. The Slab-Wings uses a single compound for the outsole, but the Wings Pro 2 uses two compounds. The black is a little more sticky, and the green is a little harder for added durability.

The trapezoidal lug pattern offers really nice traction on a wide variety of surfaces. Gravel, dirt, and loose rock are no problem for this contra-grip sole. The flat lugs also make this outsole feel really nice on hardpack or asphalt.

For rock protection, the Wings Pro 2 uses Salomon’s tried and true Pro-feel film in the forefoot to protect from rocks and other sharp objects. I’ve done a lot of running in my Salomon Sense Mantra and Sense Pro, and really like the protection offered by such a light and flexible piece of technology.

Salomon Wings Pro 2
Profeel Film

Closing Thoughts:

The Wings Pro 2 are an incredible pair of trail shoes from Salomon. They are a huge improvement over the XT Wings of old. They are very similar to the Slab-Wings, but offer a little more width and volume in the midfoot and toe area. You’ll also like the Wings Pro 2 if you prefer built in arch support. The Wings Pro 2 may be a little heavier than the Slab-Wings, but that added weight has been put in areas for additional durability. If you’re looking for a stable shoe that fits like a dream and provides great protection and traction, this would be a great option to try on.

Support Trail to Peak by purchasing the Wings Pro 2 on Amazon:

Salomon Wings Pro 2


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29 thoughts on “Gear Review: Salomon Wings Pro 2”

  1. Thanks for the review. Do you think that these would work for long distance hiking?

    Really struggling to find anything at the moment as I have a wide foot and very narrow heel!

    • Chris, I have the exact same foot profile. It’s like have duck feet. These shoes would work pretty well for you for long distance hiking. You should also check out the Nike Wildhorse 3 and New Balance Leadville v3. All three shoes fit nice through the heel and midfoot, while providing nice toe space. They have ample cushioning and nice rock protection for long days on the trail.

  2. Thank you for this review. I wear the older version (XT Wings) for both running and walking and is pretty much the perfect shoe for me. I have found with the older XT wings that the outsole could do with more grip in mud and loose terrain – especially in the take off, but otherwise offers amazing stability and comfort for a lightweight shoe – even with a heavy pack in difficult terrain
    The wings pro sound like they might be better for running but weaker for hiking.
    I am wary that they have removed some of the stability features from the shoe. One of the standouts of the xt wings was the amazing ‘hold’ on your feet when walking longitudinally across sloping terrain. I have experienced 0 slippage of my feet inside these shoes in rugged terrain- something i attribute to the firm plastic support.

    When my XT wings and old synapse mid die i am leaning now to getting the XA pro for hiking and the Wings Pro for running. what are your thoughts on the Wings pro for hiking in difficult terrain +/- a heavy pack; as compared to the older XT wings?

    • Thanks for the comment, Sean. I don’t think there has been much lost in the stability of the new Wings Pro vs the old XT Wings. The full plastic 3D chassis has been cut back, but the stability doesn’t feel that different. On the XT Wings, the base of the heel was nice and wide, but narrowed a little towards the midfoot and forefoot. The Wings Pro has a slightly wider base throughout which lends to better stability. The arch is also slightly more pronounced in the Wings Pro from what I can remember about the XT Wings. I know what you mean though about the “hold” and precision found in the older version though. There is no way to slip around in those.

      It’s a shame Salomon stopped developing the Synapse line. Like you, I was a big fan of that. It seems they’re focusing on the X Ultra for a hiking shoe now, which doesn’t have the same feel in my opinion.

      I haven’t tried the Wings Pro with a heavy pack yet, so I can’t comment there. I used the XA Pro on the John Muir Trail this summer and they handled a heavy pack without at problem. They weren’t the most comfortable on days of 20+ miles, but they kept my feet healthy and stable. The Wings Pro actually feels more like the XA Pro 3D than it does the XT Wings, mostly because of the added width in the toebox. Hopefully you can get a pair to try on and compare the shoes first hand.

      • Cheers. Still some life left in my XT wings and synapse at this stage. They do build them tough.
        The synapse are (were?) a great shoe. My only complaints are the heel is a little high, but no more so than a traditional boot, and doesn’t take a gaiter easily.
        Amazing comfort and robustness for such a lightweight boot. I haven’t tried the x-ultra but i see that Salomon no longer produce a non-goretex mid boot, which is a shame.

  3. Hi! Thanks for the review!

    Are they really so much larger than other Salomon shoes? I’ve ordered online a pair of XT Wings 3 size 11 and it didn’t fit well (my toes where hitting the front of the shoe when walking).

    Now I’m thinking to replace them with a pair of Wings Pro 2, because they don’t have larger size for the XT. Do you think I should go for the same size (11) or try the 11.5. I’m worried of what you said that maybe the 11.5 will be too large for me.


    • Hello, Vassilis. Thanks for reading! They are much better fitting than the XT Wings 3. I felt that the Wings 3 cramped my toes and squeezed my forefoot. The Wings Pro 2 fits much better. I wore a 12.5 in the XT Wings 3 and they were tight. A 12 in the Wings Pro 2 fits very well. If the XT Wings 3 was really tight on your toes, you might be okay getting the same size for the Wings Pro 2.

      • Thanks for the quick answer! What worries me is not their tightness but the fact that the front part was reachable by my big toe. This is mostly a length issue rather that width. But what you’r describing, shows that probably i will be OK with the same size.

        Thanks again! Keep up the good work 🙂

      • The shape of the toe box had a lot to do with that. I remember that even when I went a size up on the XT 3, my toes would still touch the front, especially my big toe. The overall shape of the new Wings Pro 2 is just much better.

  4. Just came acrossed your blog post site here, great site and reviews.
    I was wondering your opinion of preference of Sportiva Akasha vs Salomon Wings Pro 2, for trail backpacking usually on AT. Typically when backpacking in the range of 17-25 lb. with daily mileages upper teens to lower 20’s (having a teenage son who’s an extremely conditioned fit athlete in wrestling and competitive he’s my hiking companion) having a very wide forefoot both bunions and avg-narrow heel It’s hard to find good fit. Last year I put 200 miles backoacking on a pair of Brooks Cascadia 8 held up well. While on the trail I purchased last year’s model Cascadia 10 from a thru hiker for $30 who hated them after 20 miles which family had sent them….they seem have better cushion and support but toe box was very narrow even being 1/2 larger than Cascadia 8 I have. The Cascadia 10 wore through at instep toe box where I have bunions wearing them later on last summer when my son and I did 100 mile wilderness Mt Katahin on AT and a few 15 miles since. Being a little older at 43 support is an important factor as is comfort over lightweight though I’m definitely sold on trail runners. Thanks in advance and keep up the great reviews, advice and support for fellow hikers, runners and adventure enthusiasts alike!

    • Adam, I really like both shoes. The Akasha have better cushioning and grip, but the Wings Pro 2 have more stability. Both shoes will hand 20 mile days without much issue. You should also check out the New Balance Leadville v3 and Nike Wildhorse 3. The Cascadia’s are very popular on thruhikes as they can be easily found at REI and last a long time. They don’ fit my feet though. Way too narrow in the midfoot and forefoot. If you like the way a shoe feels but need more support, throw in a pair of Superfeet Carbon insoles. I like to put them in my train runners when I have a pack over 20 lbs. Thanks for checking out the blog! It’s always great to hear from fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

  5. Ahooi guys need advice, I compete in 75km endurance walking on different terrains where total of 8-9 hrs I’m on my feet, will this shoe do it for me,I’m looking for a reliable stable n good shoe any advice

    • It really depends on what kind of terrain you’ll be covering over those 75km. If it’s mostly asphalt and level ground, a standard running shoe would probably be a better option. If the “different terrains” you mentioned are on steep ground with rocky conditions, these could work well. I would also recommend the La Sportiva Akasha, Nike Wildhorse 3, New Balance Leadville v3, and Altra Lone Peak 2.5. I’ve worn all of those shoe for big 20+ mile days in the mountains and they handle it well. Let me know your foot shape, and I can be a little more specific with recommendations.

      • Terrains mainly in farms beaches across mountain slopes and tar, will wings pro 3 be comfortable and reliable for this event

      • Yes just pity it’s an endurance race and no time to enjoy the scenery, so you guys think the wings pro 2 will do the trick, I’m currently using the new balance 810 but it is worn out just need a better shoe

  6. Just bought the Wings pro 2 and went for my first trail run this morning.
    major disappointment as, although I ordered an identical size to my previous Wings pro, I have found that the wings pro 2 fits considerably narrower in the forefoot.
    My forefoot was squeezed terribly and I had to remove the footbed to continue running.
    It’s possible that the ‘endofit’ sleeve in the shoe takes up a little width (the previous iteration did not have this feature) but i suspect that the plastic overlay is just a little narrower at the point where my foot is widest.
    I have a medium to medium wide foot – not massively wide by any measure.
    On the plus side the outsole is a considerable improvement I feel – the larger lugs really give this shoe much more grip in mud and on rock as I found this morning.
    The support in the midsole is noticeably less in the forefoot, which make sit less stiff – not an improvement in my opinion but many others will like this. It seems less structured in its ride although the heelcup is and heel unit is very stable (still). I feel that this shoe may have less pronounced antipronation than the previous versions, perhaps because of the removal of the forefoot stability structure. I seem to recall every new Wings shoe feeling like a golf ball had been put under my instep until they bedded in after a couple of runs and running in my older wings pro still feels like it is controlling footstrike much more than the new version. In contrast, I feel that the XA Pro 3D has much more pronounced antipronation – although I have never run in my XA pros.

    I suspect that i will have to continue to wear these shoes without footbeds, cut out some of the ‘endofit’ sleeve and/or heat and mold the plastic outer to continue using them!

    Severely disappointed by this finding – I have been wearing salomon XT wings/Wings pro shoes in an 11.5 US for nearly a decade.Nevertheless, I will persist in them perhaps they will bed in somewhat – but the initial run was not promising.

  7. Just reading this now…have you by chance tried on the Wings S-Lab SG? I’m a 10 in those – fairly trim fit. Would I be a 10 in the Wings Pro 2 as well? Or a 9.5?

    • I have. The SLAB Wings is a bit snug for me in a size 12.5. The Wings Pro 2 size 12 feels the same length but with more width. I’d say go with the 9.5.

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