Gear Review: Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve

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With all of the advancements in synthetic materials in the last few years, it’s amazing that nothing can really come close to real wool. I’ve worn all types of fabrics in hopes of finding the perfect shirt that can handle all conditions. I always thought how great it would be to wear a shirt that’s warm when it’s cool out, cool when it’s warm out, and rejects odors to keep you from having to change it. Well, my discovery of Merino wool all but ended my search.  As most hikers, backpackers, and travelers know, Merino wool is absolute magic. The only problem was that for a while, there were very few places to buy Merino wool garments. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered a new company that produces Merino wool garments for the athletic and adventurous types. The company’s name is Woolx. Based out of New York, Woolx has an incredible offering of light, mid, and heavyweight layers. For this review, I’ll be looking at the lightweight Base Camp Long Sleeve.

Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve
Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve

Living in Southern California, I’m fortunate to have great weather year round. With the exception of my camping trips to mountain peaks or the Sierra, I don’t even really need a warm jacket. For me, it’s all about insulating, breathable layers. This Base Camp Long sleeve fits the bill perfectly for this need. I’ve had a few opportunities to wear this shirt as a solo layer, as well as under a fleece, and it has performed incredibly well on every occasion. The three main reasons I love this shirt are as follows:

  1. I took this shirt on an evening hike where the sun was still out, but the temperatures were cooling. I was sweating pretty hard, but the shirt kept me nice and cool, while breathing well. What surprised me most, was how quickly it dried when I stopped hiking. This is huge for me, as a wet shirt really chills me to the core, even if I have an extra layer.
  2. As a test, I wore the shirt three morning in a row to the gym without washing it. The antimicrobial properties of Merino wool are incredible. My shirts usually pick up a pretty solid athletic odor after a session at the gym, but the only thing I was smelling on this long-sleeve was my deodorant. I’ll be bringing two or three of these shirts along on the next big international trip I take. It’s going to be so nice to have versatile shirts that I can sweat in that don’t need washing.
  3. The third and most important thing for me, and what separates Woolx from other Merino wool shirt manufacturers is the fit. This is a company that understands the body of an athlete and the kind of fit required for athletic pursuits. There are no flappy wrists, no uncomfortable tags or seams, and everything hugs the body just right.
Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve
Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve

This lightwieght long sleeve is a 160g shirt, which from my experience with Merino wool is perfect for 3 season pursuits as a standalone layer, and great for winter underneath a warmer shell.  For winter, you’ll want to look for a 230g shirt or higher.

I mentioned the fit and feel of this shirt earlier, and took some pictures to show you just how nice the flatlock seams are. Even with a loaded backpack moving about, this shirt causes no friction, hot spots, or chaffing.

Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve
Under Arm
Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve

The Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve retails for $89.99 and is available in multiple colors. For those of you who are already familiar with Merino wool, check out the Woolx website and take a look at their great active wear. For those who have never worn a Merino wool garment, jump on the bandwagon, enjoy the ride, and get ready for some serious comfort.

Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve

**Disclaimer** The Woolx Merino Wool Base Camp Long Sleeve was provided as a media sample by Woolx for Trail to Peak


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