Gear Review: Julbo Aero Sunglasses

Gear Review: Julbo Aero Sunglasses

The Julbo Aero is the most comfortable pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. The Aero has a flexible and grippy frame that wraps the contours of my face and stays put through any activity. I’ve been using the Julbo Aero for hiking, backpacking, trail running, and travel over the past year, and will share my experience in this review.

Gear Review: Julbo Explorer 2.0 With Camel Lenses

Gear Review: Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sunglasses With Camel Lenses

The iconic Julbo Explorer has been updated to version 2.0 and I’ve been wear testing them since last year. The major updates come to the frame, and I couldn’t be more impressed with their performance. If you need a pair of sunglasses for long day hikes, alpine outings, or mountaineering, these could be the shades for you. See why in this review.

My Favorite Hiking And Travel Pants Of 2018

My 4 Favorite Hiking And Travel Pants Of 2018

Hiking and travel pants are an incredibly important piece of kit, especially since most of us “lightweight packers” will only bring along one pair for a multi-week trip. I’ve tried many pairs over the years that just didn’t make the cut. Here are four that have endured the test of time.

Julbo Explorer Gear Review Spectron 4 Lens

Gear Review: Julbo Lens Comparison For The Spectron 4, Zebra Photochromic, and Camel Photochromic

I’ve written a few reviews in the past on my Julbo sunglasses that have proven to be quite popular. Lately, I’ve seen an uptick in questions and search terms involving the specific lens offerings from Julbo. Below you’ll find a comparison and analysis of the Julbo Explorer with Spectron 4 lenses, Julbo Camel with Camel Photochromic lenses, Julbo Dust with Zebra photochromic Lenses, and the Julbo Sherpa with Spectron 3 lenses.