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Trans-Catalina Trail YouTube Video

In 2015, I hiked the 37.2 miles of the Trans-Catalina trail. This scenic hike starts in Avalon and ends at Starlight Beach. Check out the video I put together of this backpacking trip. I hope you like it!

Last weekend I hiked the 37.2 miles of the Trans-Catalina trail. This scenic hike starts in Avalon and ends at Starlight Beach. Santa Catalina Island is a very magical place. It was special to be surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, with beautiful beaches, massive bison, and island foxes throughout the course of this two day trek. Check out the video below, I hope you like it!

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10 comments on “Trans-Catalina Trail YouTube Video

  1. I’ve heard only great things about this particular hike. I have to get on it soon. Safe travels to you!

  2. Hiking is such a great way to exercise and the scenery is beautiful! Great article, awesome pictures.

  3. Hey Drew — LOVE these shots of Catalina. Used to spend days there when I lived in SoCal, really love how you’ve captured it. Also learned where Mt Woodson is….a part of the state I’ve never yet gotten to. Very glad that you’ve been liking my recent posts – keep up the hiking and sharing it all! — Paul

    • Hey Paul! Thanks for dropping by. I love seeing adventures from different areas. You’ve got a lot of great content. Very cool that you were able to spend a lot of time on Catalina when you lived here. It’s a treasure for sure!

  4. That looks awesome! I love Catalina and didn’t know they have a trail like that. Next time for sure =)

  5. Awesome. Even though it might seem like such a simple video, it really helps to imagine what it’s like to hike these trails, especially for someone like me who has never been hiking up in the mountains before. Thanks for sharing!

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