Video Post: The Camino Portuguese from Pontevedra to Padron (Pt. 4)

Video Post: The Camino Portuguese from Pontevedra to Padron (Pt. 4)

In parts one, two, and three of my Camino Portuguese pilgrimage documentary, I covered the first seven stages of our journey from Porto to Pontevedra. Part …

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Video Post: The Camino Portuguese from Barcelos to Rubiaes (Pt. 2)

Video Post: The Camino Portuguese from Barcelos to Rubiaes (Pt. 2)

In part one of my Camino Portuguese pilgrimage documentary, we covered the first two stages of the trip from Porto to Barcelos. Part two picks up right where we left off in Barcelos, passing through beautiful farms and vineyards before reaching the medieval bridge at the heart of Ponte de Lima. From Ponte de Lima, we climbed the highest incline of the entire Camino Portuguese to get ourselves up and over Alto de Portela Grande. This was also the point in the Camino that my son became a little Camino celebrity. Word was spreading along The Way of the little boy pilgrim!

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Havasupai Falls Guide Havasu Mooney Navajo Supai Permits Gear

Backpacking To Havasupai Falls Video: A Desert Paradise

I just returned from a backpacking trip to Havasupai Falls. For Trail to Peak’s newest team member, my 5 month old son, this backpacking trip was a first. I did a lot of research before heading out on this trip, and was blown away by the photos and video of hyper blue waterfalls and streams. Seeing all of the falls in person is something I’ll never forget. The views are impossible to completely capture with a camera, but I hope this short video can give you at least a small taste of what it’s like to enjoy this paradise.

20 Favorite Japan Photos Tokyo Kyoto Osaka Nikko Kamakura Miyajima

Kyoto To Tokyo: A Timelapse Video Of My 10 Days In Japan

I spent 10 days enjoying the beautiful country of Japan this year, and finally got around to putting together a short timelapse video of my visit. I wrote a post for my 10 day itinerary, that has gone on to be one of my most viewed posts this year. Enjoy the video!

My 10 Day Itinerary:

  • Day 1: Kyoto
  • Day 2: Miyajima
  • Day 3: Koyasan
  • Day 4: Kyoto
  • Day 5: Tokyo
  • Day 6: Kamakura
  • Day 7: Nikko
  • Day 8: Mt. Takao/Tokyo
  • Day 9: Kyoto/Nara
  • Day 10: Kyoto


John Muir Trail Thousand Island Lake to Deer Creek

Watch My Backpacking The John Muir Trail Documentary!

Last year, I walked 210 miles with 80,000ft of elevation change from Yosemite Valley to the 14,505ft summit of Mt. Whitney.  It was an incredible journey through the Sierra Nevada mountains, and an adventure I’ll never forget. I’ve created day by day accounts of this adventure on this blog, and am now ready to share the documentary video I put together as a compliment to those posts. I hope you enjoy watching this, and if you do, make sure to hit ‘thumbs up’ and leave me a comment here or on YouTube. Happy trails everyone!

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John Muir Trail Day 3

John Muir Trail 2015 Video Preview

I came home from the John Muir Trail with more photos and video footage than I know what to do with. I just finished the daily trip reports for the entire John Muir Trail and have set my sights on tying to put together a proper video, like the ones I did for the Camino and my Peru treks. Until then, here is a preview of some footage I captured on my 222 mile hike from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal.

Little Harbor Two Harbors Trans-Catalina Trail Hike

Trans-Catalina Trail YouTube Video

Last weekend I hiked the 37.2 miles of the Trans-Catalina trail. This scenic hike starts in Avalon and ends at Starlight Beach. Santa Catalina Island is a very magical place. It was special to be surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, with beautiful beaches, massive bison, and island foxes throughout the course of this two day trek. Check out the video below, I hope you like it!