Winter Ascent Climb Hike Baldy Bowl Mt. Baldy Ski Hut Trail Guide

A Winter Ascent Of Mt. Baldy via Baldy Bowl And Ski Hut Trail

For winter adventurer’s looking for an introduction to mountaineering, Mt. Baldy offers the steep and challenging Baldy Bowl route. I cannot stress enough the importance of safety on this route. Do not attempt this hike without the proper gear and training.

Stallion Springs Tehachapi Photography Snow

My 28 Favorite Photos From A New Year’s Celebration In Stallion Springs

This year for New Year’s Eve, Julia and I took Owen up to her parent’s ranch in Stallion Springs. We went for a hike in the pre-storm fog of New Year’s Eve, and then got to enjoy a winter wonderland on New Year’s Day. Here are my 30 favorite photos from this trip. I hope you enjoy them!

Photo Gallery: Mt. Baldy Summit In The Snow via Ski Hut Trail

We took a hike to our favorite mountain this weekend, Mt. Baldy. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve made my way up to the summit via the handful of trails that guide one to the peak, but somehow, I never get tired of the views. I don’t think it’s possible, each time I see something different, and each season feels like a new world. This is my favorite time of year, as the ice and snow make for a festive holiday backdrop. As scenic as the surroundings can be, the cold keeps most people off of the trails, and fellow hikers are always friendly.

Camping at Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Cove Campground

Camping at Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Cove Campground

This weekend we decided to spend some time out at Joshua Tree National Park. Living in Southern California, we forget how close the park is to where we live. There is just so much beauty, in what one could easily mistake for a martian landscape. It’s like being transported to another planet when you enter the park. Making things even more special, we stayed at a campground just outside the park this time around, Indian Cove Campground.