Review: PROBAR Meal Bars

PROBAR is a company based in Salt Lake City that makes a phenomenal lineup of healthy food bars. My favorite product in their lineup is the Meal Bar. The Meal Bar is a certified organic meal replacement that contains 5-8g of fiber and 5-11g of protein per bar. In this review, I’ll be covering the PROBAR Meal Bar and how it fueled my body during a number of outdoor activities.

Ausangate Trek Day 4 and 5

The Ausangate Trek is a 43 mile backpacking trip that runs through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Andes. Starting at 12,000ft and reaching high passes close to 17,000ft, the Ausangate Trek reaches some seriously high elevations. Along the way, you’ll pass by small villages, glacial lakes, towering snow capped peaks, and herds of alpacas. The Ausangate Trek is an adventure of a life time, and I’ll be covering all of the details in this guide.

Camping at Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Cove Campground

Camping at Joshua Tree National Park and Indian Cove Campground

This weekend we decided to spend some time out at Joshua Tree National Park. Living in Southern California, we forget how close the park is to where we live. There is just so much beauty, in what one could easily mistake for a martian landscape. It’s like being transported to another planet when you enter the park. Making things even more special, we stayed at a campground just outside the park this time around, Indian Cove Campground.