The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors

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Once I became pregnant, my question was, “How do I keep doing the things I used to do with a child?” It’s a question many women ask themselves at this stage in their life. There’s a quest to maintain the identity you had prior to becoming a Mother. There’s also a desire to show your child the same things you’ve seen outdoors, from the rush of a waterfall to the vast expanse from the top of a mountain peak. Over the last year and a half, I feel like I’ve managed to maintain who I was prior to motherhood as well as show my son the splendor of the great outdoors. These gear items helped us get outside:

The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors

1.) Osprey Poco Premium

I’ve been able to hit the trail and carry my son, who is now 30 lbs., to mountain peaks with this carrier. I am very grateful his backpack has been invented! It is comfortable for my frame and easily adjustable for anyone else who wants to carry him. The pack mirror allows me to check on him in the midst of hikes, which allows us to hike solo without me having to take off the pack to check on him. I use the Osprey Rain Cover during windy conditions to keep him protected from the elements.


2.) BOB Trail Stroller 

This was the first item Drew and I purchased for our son! We couldn’t imagine life without a trail stroller to go running on the trail or walking the streets with. This trail stroller is the beastliest stroller on the market and it is truly ready to handle anything. The pneumatic knobby wheels and braking system handle rolling up curbs with ease, to crossing over boulders on a trail. The state of the art suspension system has made this our go-to stroller for city or trail from our son’s infancy to now.

The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors

3.) Ergo Baby Carrier Original

When our son was less than 20 lbs., I brought this pack on every hike with us. This allowed me to breastfeed him while hiking. Since he’s over 20 lbs now, I carry him on my back using the Ergo. In addition to hiking, the Ergo Baby Carrier has allowed us to travel throughout airports with ease. He loves being close to us when we are on the go in busy cities. This has been the most versatile and most used piece of gear we have. Check out the detail review of the Ergo here.

The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors

4.) Camera

I can’t imagine having a child back in the era of film! I am so thankful we have the option to capture moments with our little ones using digital because we can snap away! I’d recommend a GoPro Hero6 because of the size, weight, and ease of use. Your child also isn’t aware that you are taking pictures of him/her, enabling you to be more present in the moment. Using a gimbal with this GoPro makes capturing video footage a snap! This camera can also be clipped to anything and can easily be tucked away in your pocket. If you prefer carrying a camera body and using different lenses, the best camera out there for size and weight is the mirrorless APS-C Sony /a6000/a6300/a6500.


5.) Garmin (DeLorme) InReach

If you’re in the backcountry with your baby, you may not have access to a cell phone signal. If something were to go wrong, heaven forbid, you want to be prepared. I can’t recommend the InReach highly enough. You are able to send text messages to your family members while on your adventure, get weather updates, allow your family members to track your journey, and hit SOS for an emergency response. Drew and I have two InReach devices for coordinating in the backcountry, and feel they are worth their weight in gold.


Get outside with your little one! I hope this post gives you the gear to go adventuring and make the most out of those moments with your child. Happy trails!

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The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors


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8 thoughts on “The Top 5 Things Every Mom Needs To Get Their Baby Outdoors”

  1. Very nice post Julia and good suggestions. Especially the InReach (or similar solutions) is essential when going outdoors with toddlers, kids and not only.

    Of course, the main question is what happens if an accident takes place and there is no real option of being rescued by local authorities.
    Therefore, I personally always suggest to parents that go outdoors to have some essential rescue and first aid courses, so at least they will know how to react in such situations. (Obviously, as first step is to NEVER go with toddlers to areas that there is no rescue service available)

    Again, thanks for the nice post Julia. Looking forward to more.

  2. I’ll second the BOB. My wife and I have used ours heavily through three kids and it is weathered but still in great shape. We have taken that thing far beyond what any other stroller could possibly handle. It takes a little practice to maneuver on really rocky terrain but it can get your kids their safely and comfortably. We even took the thing into the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Miles from the trailhead, the terrain finally got to steep and rocky to push the BOB anymore and we just used a bike lock to secure it to a tree and then carried our daughter the last .75 miles to our destination.

    Anyone active with little kids needs one of these!

  3. I had the same spirit (I researched plenty about bringing babies outdoors and almost nothing on baby basics and we’ve done great! 🙂
    I found the same essential gear (just different brands) so good tips! Having good baby carriers (front carrier, backpack, and off roading stroller) is essential! 🙂

  4. Hi Julia! I loved this article so much. Thank you. My little girl is now 6 months old, can’t entirely sit up on her own yet, but she is outgrowing the newborn carrier I have. I’m in between getting the Ergo baby and the Osprey carrier, as I don’t want to invest in both. From what age would you say your baby was ready to go in the Osprey? I don’t want her falling asleep and then her head bobs all over the place while she’s on my back. Any advice on deciding between the two will be appreciated! I’ve been doing short nature walks with her, but really keen to get back out there properly. Your website inspires me to do so!


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