Isla and Lilly Explored The Huntington Dog Beach And Had A Great Time!

Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach

After finishing the 52 Hike Challenge last week with a 50 mile Rim to Rim to Rim hike of the Grand Canyon, I decided it was time to enjoy a much more relaxed adventure this weekend. So many of my weekend hikes and microadventures this year have been ‘Type A’. These Type A activities require early wake-ups, trip planning, high levels of physical effort, and take up quite a bit of time. I realized after hiking in the Grand Canyon that I should really start to enjoy more of the ‘Type B’ activities. These Type B activities are far more flexible with timing, and don’t require much planning or preparation. To get started, Julia, Isla, and Lilly joined me at the Huntington Dog Beach for a great day in the sun.

The Huntington Beach Dog Beach is one of the few dog beaches in Southern California. Located at 100 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, you can park right along Pacific Coast Highway and head straight to the Pacific Ocean. The street still uses coin operated parking meters, so don’t count on using your credit card. I always keep a few dollars in quarters on me for this exact purpose. Huntington Dog Beach is located north of the pier, so there isn’t as much traffic as you’d find along other parts of the coast. This stretch of sand is mostly occupied by surfers and dog lovers.

Huntington Dog Beach Information and Photos
Looking South On PCH

Once we found a parking spot on PCH, we made our way to the asphalt walkway that runs parallel to the street. The section of beach that allows dogs starts at lifeguard tower 22. There are no facilities other than a restroom, so if you plan on bringing your dog here, make sure to carry plenty of food and water.

Huntington Dog Beach Information and Photos
The Fun Starts Here
Huntington Dog Beach Information and Photos
Said Restroom

The section of beach next to tower 22 was really crowded as most people seemed to plop down as soon as the restrictions allowed for it. Julia and I continued walking north with the dogs until we found a nice patch of sand with room to breathe. Isla wasted no time in ripping her Frisbee out of the duffle bag and demanded that the games begin.

Especially as I begin taking these classes and begin to apply for new careers.
Isla Wants To Play
Especially as I begin taking these classes and begin to apply for new careers.
Frisbee Time

After Isla got about 30 throws in, she was ready to plop down on the towel for a rest with Lilly and Julia. These type B moments have been missing from my weekly adventures for far too long. It was really nice to just kick up our feet (and paws), and relax to the sound of crashing waves.

Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
Time To Relax
Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
We Had To Convince Isla Rest

As much as Isla likes to dive right in and get things started, Lilly had to warm up to the idea of a “dog beach”. As a rescue, she is a lot more apprehensive when it comes to meeting new humans and dogs. Once she saw how much fun Isla was having, she decided to give it a try. It was so funny to see her experience a wave for the first time. She was a little shocked and surprised when the water crashed and swallowed her legs, but then she realized how fun it was, and started doing sprints through the wake.

Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
“I really like this!” –Lilly
Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
Lilly Meets A Frenchie
Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
Isla In Deep Thought

As a dog owner, you reach a point where things like perfect cleanliness at home and in your car just cease to matter. Taking a longer haired dog to the beach just amplifies this nonchalance. As much as I wanted to care about the insane amounts of sand and salt hitching a ride with Isla and Lilly, we were just having too much fun to think about it. It also makes for a great picture!

Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
“Dad, do I have any sand on my face?” –Isla
Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
The Girls and Their Friend

We spent a good four hours hanging out at the beach before Isla and Lilly were finally ready to call it quits. We played fetch, napped, and did sprints through the water during out dog day at the beach. These two pups can be really tough to tire out, so it was great to see them finally throwing in the towel.

We made our way back to the car on PCH and packed things up. If you’re planning on doing this trip and would like to add a little more to the day, you can continue walking south along the asphalt walkway towards the Huntington Beach Pier. You’ll find a ton of dining options near the pier, as well as other forms of entertainment.

Goldendoodles At Huntington Dog Beach
Heading Back To The Car

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13 comments on “Isla and Lilly Explored The Huntington Dog Beach And Had A Great Time!

  1. curly dog…so cute….

  2. Lovely pictures ,great composition! Btw which camera do you use?

    • Thanks! I use a Sony a6000. I’m hoping to upgrade to the A7R if I can justify the money 🙂

  3. Glad you two finally had a rest weekend, it is needed. I’ll try to schedule one in soon too!:)

    • As hard as it was to wrap my mind around the idea of a rest weekend, I loved it. It was so nice to just hang out at the beach with no where to go 🙂 With a warm El Nino winter approaching, we’ll probably be doing quite a few of these beach days!

  4. The whole idea is great, to have a day with your best friends at the beach. These dogs really enjoyed the day, the best is Isla even her mouth full of sand.

  5. Welcome to my neighborhood!! I walk along the cliffs all the time! Probably passed you! Well deserved B trip after that monster Rim to Rim to Rim!

  6. A nice afternoon was had by all. And I see your girls had a visit from the Phantom of the Opera dog!

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