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Last week, I received an email from an editor at WordPress stating that my post about Day 10 on the John Muir Trail (Kearsarge Pass to Guitar Lake) would be featured on their Freshly Pressed feeder. I was incredibly excited, as I always read the posts on Freshly Pressed and see them as some of the best WordPress bloggers have to offer. Selfishly, I always wondered what it would take to be featured, and hoped that one day I’d have the opportunity.

John Muir Trail Forester Pass Guitar Lake
Day 10 on the John Muir Trail

My blog post was officially posted to the Freshly Pressed page on Friday, and the response has been incredible. As of right now, the post has 320 blogger likes and I’ve received close to 250 new blog followers. Β I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the new followers of this blog, and an even bigger thank you and digital hug to all of my original followers for helping make this happen. The sense of community among bloggers is what makes WordPress so special, and I truly appreciate that you guys take the time to read and support Trail to Peak!

Trail to Peak on WordPress Freshly Pressed
Trail to Peak on WordPress Freshly Pressed

The other bit of good news this week is that one of my reviews was featured on is one of the few online retailers of outdoor gear that actually provides useful reviews for the active user. Backcountry does a great job of fostering a sense of community among reviewers to their site. On Thursday, I recieved a post message stating that my picture of Isla, and a review of the Cloud Chaser Dog Jacket would be featured at the bottom of their home page.

Trail to Peak on
Trail to Peak on

I’d like to give one last thank you to all of the followers of this blog and hope to provide you a lot more to read in the months and years ahead. I’ll continue to focus on hiking, adventure travel, and gear reviews, but would love to branch out and try some new things as well. Please leave comments Β on any and all blog posts with advice or thoughts, as it helps me a great deal to get community feedback. Have a great weekend, and happy blogging!

Best regards, Drew


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  1. Congratulations Drew! As you know, I was inspired by your John Muir series and it absolutely deserves the recognition. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work and going back to some of your adventures (both Camino de Santiago and Peru trek are on my list). I appreciate blogs like yours with great writing and photography, and helpful info for planning.

    • Thank you, Caroline!! My Peru treks are pretty polished, but my Camino posts need some work. Those were the very first entries on my old blog, and I transferred them over. It’s funny for me to look back at those and see how far things have come πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading along!

    • Thanks, Nadine! I really appreciate it. I first tried my hand at blogging to document my journey on the Camino. The pilgrimmage has created such a beautiful path in my life in this regard πŸ™‚


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