I’m Now an Explorer on The Outbound Collective!

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About a month ago, I was asked to be an Explorer for The Outbound Collective. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, The Outbound is a website founded by friends with goal to make outdoor adventures easily accessible to everyone. What I like about their website most, is they have a heavy focus on media rich content, with hi res images and visually appealing page layouts. The way it works, is that anyone can create an account, add adventures, and explore the adventures of others.  As an Explorer, I’m one of the featured members and post featured adventures and trips. In their words, “Explorers are our local experts who share their favorite adventures with the community. Some are professionals, but most are lawyers, ski bums, students, and moms. They’re good people and they inspire us to get outside. We love them for it.”

You can view my Explorer profile at this link where I’ll be posting many more of the adventures you see on this blog. You can also take a look around The Outbound site and find more adventures from other parts of the world!


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