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Trail to Peak Featured on the Catalina Travel Website!

This weekend I got a surprise email from one of the writers at the Catalina Travel website. He asked if he could use my blog write up of the Trans-Catalina Trail for their website as a featured blog. It was exciting for me to have someone from Catalina notice my post and video, because I always hope and wonder if I’m doing such an incredible location justice with my write up. I had this same issue on Camino de Santiago, my Peru treks, and many other adventures. It’s so difficult to put the beauty and splendor of an island like Catalina into words, or display the heavenly landscapes through photo and video without feeling like you’re leaving something out. Features like this and positive feedback from so many incredible readers of this blog make me feel like I’m on the right track. So I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone at Catalina Travel, and to all of you who are reading this now!

View the feature on Catalina Travel at this link!

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 8.00.09 AM

View my Trans-Catalina video below:

I'm Drew, creator of Trail to Peak. Trail to Peak brings content to life on the web through breath-taking photography and captivating video. I launched Trail to Peak in 2014 with a goal to inspire readers to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I have traveled to 19 countries, walked Camino de Santiago, hiked the John Muir Trail, trekked through the Andes of Peru, and am constantly seeking new adventures in my home state of California. Joining me on my weekly adventures is my partner, Julia, our son, Owen, and our two goldendoodles, Isla and Lilly.

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  1. Congratulations! I love your blog — and I’m not surprised that the Catalina Travel Website picked it up.

  2. Congrats!

  3. That’s awesome! Congrats.

  4. annathrax

    Congrats! Good for you!

  5. Good job!

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