Snæfellsnes Snaefellsnes Driving Guide

A Driving Guide For The Snaefellsnes Peninsula

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a scenic peninsula in the west of Iceland that’s often referred to as “Iceland in Miniature” because of the way it highlights so many of the country’s natural treasures in such a small area. In this guide I will provide a map, photographs, and a detailed trip write up for those of you planning to explore the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

Driving North Iceland Dettifoss Krafla Hverir Mývatn Goðafoss Akureyri

A Guide To Driving North Iceland

The north of Iceland is far less renowned than the south, but has been gaining in popularity as tourists discover it’s riches. In this guide you’ll see volcanos, lava fields, waterfalls, hot springs, turf houses, and more. I will also provide a map, photographs, and a detailed trip write up if you’re planning to explore North Iceland on your visit.

Southeast Iceland Ring Road Jokulsarlon Seljalandsfoss Skógafoss Sólheimasandur

A Guide To Driving Southeast Iceland

After exploring Reykjavik and The Golden Circle on our drive of Iceland’s Ring Road, Julia, Owen, and I made our way towards the Southeast portion of the country. The Ring Road is a spectacle in it’s entirety, but if I had to choose one section to see again, I would choose the Southeast. With waterfalls, black sand beaches, basalt columns, puffins, and glacier lagoons, there is no shortage of incredible things to see. In this guide, I will provide a map, photographs, and a detailed trip write up for those of you planning to explore Southeast Iceland on your visit.

A self guided walking tour of Reykjavik Hallgrímskirkja Harpa Sólfarið Sun Voyager

A Self Guided Walking Tour Of Reykjavík

For travelers driving Iceland’s Ring Road, there are a few activity options for their first day after flying into Keflavík airport. Some visit the Blue Lagoon, others head straight to the Golden Circle, but we chose to spend a day in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík. In this self guided walking tour I will provide a map, a downloadable GPX, and a detailed walking guide with photographs and information for the tour highlights.

Photos of Iceland's Ring Road Reykjavik Waterfalls Mountains Jokulsarlon Snæfellsnes Peninsula

40 Photos That Will Make You Want To Explore Iceland’s Ring Road

I just returned from an epic vacation to one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. Over the last two weeks,  Julia, Owen, and I drove nearly 3000km on a road trip around Iceland. We covered the entire Ring Road and also traversed many side roads as we made our way around the island. I will be sharing our daily activities and a full guide to the Ring Road in the weeks ahead. For now, here are my favorite 40 photos that I hope will make you want to drive the Ring Road!

A Visit To Nijo Castle Before Flying Home

Japan Day 10: A Visit To Nijo Castle Before Flying Home

On our final day in Japan, we woke up early for a visit to Nijo Castle before our flight home. Nijo Castle was built as the residence of the first shogun of the Edo period in 1603. The castle is divided into three sections, with a primary circle of defense, a secondary circle of defense, and a circle of gardens that encapsulate both.

Japan Day 9: Kyoto Tower And A Day Trip To Nara

Japan Day 9: Kyoto Tower And A Day Trip To Nara

Nara is a 45 minute train ride from Kyoto, and its a JR train that’s included with the JR Rail Pass. Nara was the first official capital of Japan having been established in the year 710. Back then, the city was called Heijo. Nara has some of Japan’s oldest and most historic temples, making it a must see site.

Tokyo Kamakura Japan Giant Buddha Hasadera Temple

Japan Day 6: A Day Trip To Kamakura

Kamakura is a short one hour train ride from Tokyo and makes for a great day trip. Kamakura was the political capital of Japan under the Minamoto shogun in 1192 and remained the center of Japanese politics until things moved to Kyoto in the 14th century. Nowadays, Kamakura is known for it’s giant Bhudda, shrines, temples, and beaches.