Best Top Lightweight Hiking Shoes 2016

10 More Exciting Lightweight Hiking Shoes for 2016

The explosion in popularity of trail running has really benefited us lightweight hikers, as most of the gear used by trail runners can also be used by hikers and backpackers looking to lighten their load. Here are 10 exciting lightweight trail shoes that you’ll be able to find in the second half of 2016!

Gear Review: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor

Gear Review: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor

The La Sportiva Ultra Raptor has been one of the most amazing hiking shoes I’ve ever worn from a performance standpoint. The combination of a grippy Frixion Green rubber outsole, and a cushy and protective La Sportiva midsole, make for the perfect combination. I’ve worn through two pair in the last two years, and now have a very intimate understanding of this shoe’s strong points and weak points. I’ve now had a chance to give the Ultra Raptor a test on a wide range of hiking trails, and am always amazed out how well they handle anything I can throw their way.