Hiking Turnbull Canyon Loop Whittier Guide Map Photos

Hiking Turnbull Canyon Loop

Turnbull Canyon is a loop trail located in Whittier and part of the Puente Hills Reserve. The cooler months during winter and fall are the perfect time to enjoy Turnbull Canyon, as they offer pleasant daytime temperatures and captivating views of the snow capped San Gabriels.

Hiking South Hills Park Glendora And Peak 1212

Hiking The South Hills Park Loop And Peak 1212

South Hills Park is a 200 acre park located in the city of Glendora. South Hills Park has a trail network used by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. There are a few access points with trails to enter South Hills Park, but for this hike I started at South Hills City Park on Mauna Loa Ave.

John Muir Trail Itinerary Planning And Resources

John Muir Trail Itinerary Planning And Resources

In this post I’ll outline how to plan and prepare for your John Muir Trail itinerary to custom fit your needs and goals. I’ll also share which resources I used to help plan my itinerary and keep myself on pace each day on the trail. As a hiker that finished the JMT in 11 days, this post is going to be focused on helping those of you who are interested in finishing the John Muir Trail in a similar number of days.