Hiking Mt Wilson Trail via Chantry Flat Sturtevant Falls Mt. Zion

Hiking Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat

The loop hike to Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat covers 13.5 miles and gains 4180ft. In this guide, I’ll cover the hike to Mt. Wilson using the Sturtevant Trail and include side trip options for Mt. Zion and Sturtevant Falls. I’ll also include information on the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory at the summit.

mt. wilson trail via sierra madre hike hiking guide

Hiking Mt. Wilson Trail To The Mt. Wilson Observatory via Sierra Madre

Most hikers making their way to the summit of Mt. Wilson begin their journey from Chantry Flat. The Chantry Flat hike is very pleasant, but can be a real nightmare when it comes to finding parking. An alternative, and the subject of this guide, is my favorite route to the summit of Mt. Wilson, The Mt. Wilson Trail.