Hiking Stoddard Peak via Barrett Stoddard Road - Mt. Baldy, CA

Hiking Stoddard Peak via Barrett Stoddard Road – Mt. Baldy, CA

Stoddard Peak sits at 4624ft in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains. This peak is sandwiched between the low lying foothills of Upland and Claremont in the front, and the high rising mountains of Mt. Baldy in the back. Stoddard Peak’s location provides hikers with some spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding landscapes. This hike is 6-miles roundtrip, with 1204 ft of elevation gain, and a trail mix of fire road and cross country single track. 

Hiking Mt. Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail (Baldy Bowl Trail)

Mt. Baldy via the Ski Hut Trail is one of the most popular hikes in Southern California. The Ski Hut Trail is also known as the Baldy Bowl Trail, which should not be confused with the Baldy Bowl mountaineering route. This hike begins at the 6160ft trailhead of Manker Flats and gains 4100ft of elevation in 4 miles to the 10,064 summit of Mt. Baldy.

Hiking Mt Baldy via Bear Canyon Old Mt. Baldy Trail

Hiking Mt. Baldy via Bear Canyon Trail (Old Mt. Baldy Trail)

The Bear Canyon Trail, also known as Old Mt. Baldy Trail, is one of the toughest routes leading to the 10,064 summit of Mt. Baldy. Gaining 5,848ft in 6.4 miles, this hike requires a solid base level of fitness and a lot of determination.

Sam Seuk Doo Kim Passes Away On The Summit Of Mt. Baldy

Losing A Local Legend On The Summit Of Mt. Baldy

On Tuesday, news broke that Seuk (Sam) Doo Kim had passed away. Sam was reported missing by his family on Sunday after he failed to return home from a hike on Friday. Search and rescue teams scoured the wilderness area surrounding Mt. Baldy, and a flight team spotted and identified his body on Tuesday. Sam was 78.

Winter Ascent Climb Hike Baldy Bowl Mt. Baldy Ski Hut Trail Guide

A Winter Ascent Of Mt. Baldy via Baldy Bowl And Ski Hut Trail

For winter adventurer’s looking for an introduction to mountaineering, Mt. Baldy offers the steep and challenging Baldy Bowl route. I cannot stress enough the importance of safety on this route. Do not attempt this hike without the proper gear and training.

Mt. Baldy via Old. Mt. Baldy Trail Bear Canyon

Photo Gallery: Mt. Baldy via Old Mt. Baldy Trail (Bear Canyon)

Old Mt. Baldy trail starts in Mt. Baldy Village, just across from the lodge. The starting elevation for this hike is 4320′, and climbs 5744′ to the summit of Mt. Baldy at 10064′. Gaining 900 feet per mile, this hike is a real quad burner. See photos and a hiking trip report.

Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut Trail

Photo Gallery: Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut Trail In The Snow

May is the month that usually kicks off the SoCal hiking season, with high peaks becoming clear of ice and snow. Due to the drought, many of the trails under 10,000 ft have been bone dry since February. Needless to say, I was really excited when a cold storm blew through this week and dropped a nice coating of snow and rain over our mountains that were in desperate need of such precipitation.