My Comprehensive John Muir Trail Gear List

My Comprehensive John Muir Trail Gear List

In this guide you will find a full list of every gear item I brought with me on the JMT, along with their weight (oz) and and my personal rating. I’ll break down each gear category and give insight on items that worked well, gear that didn’t work well, and the reasons why. The categories include: Backpack and Poles, Shelter and Sleep, Electronics, Clothing, Bear Canister Water and Cooking, and Miscellaneous.

How To Apply For A John Muir Trail Permit

How To Apply For A John Muir Trail Permit (Updated for 2019!)

Obtaining a permit to hike the John Muir Trail is arguably the most difficult and frustrating aspect of planning for a JMT thru-hike. With this guide, I’ll walk you through the entire process. I also hope to give you a few key pointers and links to resources that I found useful in submitting for a permit on my John Muir Trail thru-hike.

A 16 Week Training Guide To Help You Prepare For The John Muir Trail

A 16 Week Training Guide To Help You Prepare For The John Muir Trail

Having to carry all of your food and gear for over 225 miles on the John Muir Trail with nearly 47,000ft of elevation gain requires a level of focus and dedication to conditioning that many lack. In this 16 week training guide, I’ll provide a roadmap to help aspiring JMT hikers gain the fitness required to make their trail goals a reality.

John Muir Trail Thousand Island Lake to Deer Creek

Watch My Backpacking The John Muir Trail Documentary!

Last year, I walked 210 miles with 80,000ft of elevation change from Yosemite Valley to the 14,505ft summit of Mt. Whitney.  It was an incredible journey through the Sierra Nevada mountains, and an adventure I’ll never forget. I’ve created day by day accounts of this adventure on this blog, and am now ready to share the documentary video I put together as a compliment to those posts. I hope you enjoy watching this, and if you do, make sure to hit ‘thumbs up’ and leave me a comment here or on YouTube. Happy trails everyone!

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John Muir Trail Day 3

John Muir Trail 2015 Video Preview

I came home from the John Muir Trail with more photos and video footage than I know what to do with. I just finished the daily trip reports for the entire John Muir Trail and have set my sights on tying to put together a proper video, like the ones I did for the Camino and my Peru treks. Until then, here is a preview of some footage I captured on my 222 mile hike from Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal.