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Gear Review: Salewa Ultra Train 2 Hiking Shoe

Gear Review: Salewa Ultra Train 2 Hiking Shoe

alewa’s Ultra Train 2 is a trail shoe specifically designed for speed hiking, fastpacking, and high alpine mountain training. The low-profile upper has a precise fit with a durable and protective outer shell. The protective 8mm drop midsole and aggressive Michelin compound outsole are carryovers from the original Ultra Train, which will be welcome news to those that enjoyed the original. I’ve been wear testing the Salewa’s Ultra Train 2 since they were released a few months ago, and will share my experience in this review. 

Gear Review: Salomon XA Elevate Hiking Shoe

Gear Review: Salomon XA Elevate Trail Shoe

The XA Elevate is Salomon’s newest entry into their “On & Off Trail” shoe line-up. These shoes are designed for high alpine pursuits and are perfectly suited for steep terrain and challenging underfoot conditions. The XA Elevate is built on a highly stable 8mm-drop midsole, and has a Premium Wet-Traction Contragrip outsole that clings on to anything and everything. 

Gear Review: Five Ten Access Knit Approach Shoes

Gear Review: Five Ten Access Knit Hiking Shoes

The Access Knit is an approach shoe from Five Ten that looks, feels, and rides like a running shoe, yet provides the ultimate in underfoot security with a sticky dot rubber outsole. The one-piece knit upper on the Access Knit makes this shoe amazingly comfortable on long trail days and in hot weather.