mt. wilson trail via sierra madre hike hiking guide

Hiking Mt. Wilson Trail To The Mt. Wilson Observatory via Sierra Madre

Most hikers making their way to the summit of Mt. Wilson begin their journey from Chantry Flat. The Chantry Flat hike is very pleasant, but can be a real nightmare when it comes to finding parking. An alternative, and the subject of this guide, is my favorite route to the summit of Mt. Wilson, The Mt. Wilson Trail.

Stallion Springs Tehachapi Photography Snow

My 28 Favorite Photos From A New Year’s Celebration In Stallion Springs

This year for New Year’s Eve, Julia and I took Owen up to her parent’s ranch in Stallion Springs. We went for a hike in the pre-storm fog of New Year’s Eve, and then got to enjoy a winter wonderland on New Year’s Day. Here are my 30 favorite photos from this trip. I hope you enjoy them!

Hiking South Hills Park Glendora And Peak 1212

Hiking The South Hills Park Loop And Peak 1212

South Hills Park is a 200 acre park located in the city of Glendora. South Hills Park has a trail network used by hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. There are a few access points with trails to enter South Hills Park, but for this hike I started at South Hills City Park on Mauna Loa Ave.

powder canyon and schabarum trail hike

Hiking Schabarum Trail, Purple Sage Trail, And Powder Canyon Loop

Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park is a 575 acre park with an easily accessible trail network. For this hike, I linked up the Schabarum Trail, Purple Sage Trail, and Powder Canyon Loop for a 10 mile hike. In this guide I will include directions, a map, and a hike description with photos.