Why You Should Get A Japan Rail Pass When Visiting Japan

Why You Should Get A Japan Rail Pass When Visiting Japan

The Japan Rail Pass, or JR Pass, is a ticket that grants tourists unlimited travel on Japan Rail trains. Traveling around Japan by rail is extremely efficient and quick, with trains canvassing the entire country. In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the JR Pass and hopefully convince you to get one before traveling to Japan.

Kearsarge Pass Onion Valley

5 Ways Microadventures Will Change Your Life

I’ve received a few questions in the past few months from people asking how I do so much each month. It usually starts with “I wish I could do that, but…”, “I’d love to hike, but…”, you get the idea. In this post I’ll introduce you to the idea of “microadventures”, and show you how they can change your life.

top 15 things to do in buenos aires argentina

Top 15 Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital and most populous city in Argentina. It’s a city well known for football, wine, steaks, tango, European architecture, and much more. Having spent a few months in Buenos Aires, I have a great feel for the “must sees” of the city. Here are my top 15 things to do in Buenos Aires!