Hiking Eagle Scout Trail - Pomona, CA

Hiking Eagle Scout Trail – Pomona, CA

Eagle Scout Trail is a 3-mile out-and-back hike with 1043ft of elevation gain. Located between the 57 and 71 freeway, many Southern California residents have probably driven past this hike without even knowing it exists. As soon as you start to gain elevation from the trailhead, you’ll have views of Cal Poly Pomona, Diamond Bar, and the rest of the Inland Empire to the east.

Hiking The Johnson's Pasture Gale Mountain Claremont Wilderness Park

Hiking The Johnson’s Pasture Gale Mountain Loop

Johnson’s Pasture is a 180-acre plot of land in the foothills of Claremont that’s a part of the larger Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. This 4-mile loop hike gains a respectable 860-ft of elevation, and provides some of my favorite views of the San Gabriel Mountains.  In this guide, I’ll provide directions, a map, photos, and a detailed hike description for the Johnston’s Pasture Gale Mountain Loop. 

Hiking Mt Baden Powell Via Vincent Gap Hiking Guide With Dogs and Children

Hiking Mt. Baden Powell via Vincent Gap

Mt. Baden Powell is a 9,407ft peak that can be accessed via an 8 mile roundtrip hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. The mountain is named after Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the World Scouting Movement (Boy Scouts). Mt Baden Powell is one of the largest peaks in the San Gabriel Range, and is the highest peak outside of the Mt. San Antonio massif.

Hiking The Bonelli Park Loop Trail

Hiking The Bonelli Park Loop Trail

Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park is a recreational park in Southern California that contains the 250 acre Puddingstone Reservoir. This park provides countless recreational activities for those that love the outdoors. On any given day you can see boaters, kayakers, mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and beach goers. The Bonelli Park Trail loops around the perimeter of the reservoir and is the feature of this guide.

Hiking The Michael D Antonovich Trail

Hiking The Michael D Antonovich Trail

The Michael D Antonovich Trail is a short and level hike featuring lots of shade and stream crossings. Located right off of the 57 Freeway in San Dimas, this hike is surrounded by densely populated suburbs. Despite the fact that you can see a few houses and ranches while hiking, the seclusion of this trail can make you feel a world away.

Hiking Mt Wilson Trail via Chantry Flat Sturtevant Falls Mt. Zion

Hiking Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat

The loop hike to Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat covers 13.5 miles and gains 4180ft. In this guide, I’ll cover the hike to Mt. Wilson using the Sturtevant Trail and include side trip options for Mt. Zion and Sturtevant Falls. I’ll also include information on the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory at the summit.