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Below you will find my hand selected favorites, as well as favorites from my readers and followers. From hiking and backpacking, to site seeing and adventure travel, Trail to Peak is your source of information and inspiration for big trips and weekend microadventures!

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6 thoughts on “Plan Your Next Adventure

  1. Wow … Great blog!! Stellar images … Excellent info & motivation to get after the adventures .. Sounds like Japan is a kick butt experience for you guys. Hey, thanks for visiting the Other Side of the Trees … Where there is still snow… Have fun, be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Drew,

    I would love to receive a response regarding the FB of HK ….
    Do contact me through Facebook or send me an email……

    Thanks so much !!

    ps I love reading about your hiking adventures…. About a year ago my daughter Bo and I also hiked there on the Grand Canyon….. What an adventure !


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