Ausangate Trek

For some, one week of vacation time is all you’ll be able to spend in the beautiful country of Peru. This doesn’t leave much time for excursions outside of an obligatory visit to Machu Picchu. If you have more time, and would like to see more of Peru, I can’t give a higher recommendation than the endorsement I give of the Ausangate trek. If you like huge mountains, high elevation, glacial lakes, incredible people, and days of solitude, this is the trek for you! I’ve traveled all over the world, and so far nothing has compared to the beauty I saw on the Ausangate trek.

Ausangate Trek Day 1Ausangate Trek Day 1

A few miles into our walk on day one, we stopped at a small village comprised of three one room adobe buildings with straw roofs. One was the house of our porter and chef. It was here that we ate lunch…

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Ausangate Trek Day 2Ausangate Trek Day 2

We continued on from the pass and before me stood the most beautiful glacial lakes I had ever laid eyes on. They were a deep sapphire blue, surrounded by flickering blades of golden grass, set deep…

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Ausangate Trek Day 3Ausangate Trek Day 3

The views of painted hills and the valley floor below stole the breath from my lungs in a way that not even the high altitude was able to manage. This was truly heaven. Snow capped mountain peaks…

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Ausangate Trek Day 4Ausangate Day 4-5

The wind started to howl in a constant flow of air, like it was forced from a broken main. The cold wind couldn’t dampen our spirits though, we stood there for quite some time enjoying what would be our…

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 Ausangate Trek

 Miles (Elevation Gained)


 Day 1: Tinki to Upis  7.5 (2300 ft)  Upis
 Day 2: Upis to Pucacocha  10.25 (3000 ft)  Pucacocha
 Day 3: Pucacocha to Jampa  7.3 (2000 ft)  Jampa
 Day 4: Jampa to Pacchanta  10.6 (2000 ft)  Pacchanta
 Day 5: Pacchanta to Tinki 7 (270 ft)  None (Cusco)

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