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Camino Vlog 000: Returning to Camino de Santiago to walk the Portuguese Route!

This summer, I will be returning to the Camino to walk the Portuguese route with my family. Starting in Porto, we will walk 150-miles to Santiago de Compostella.

In 2012, I hiked the 500-mile Frances Route of Camino de Santiago. That adventure was easily the most transformative travel experience for me as an individual. Starting in St. Jean Pied de Port, France, and hiking all the way to the Western Coast of Spain made for a summer of friendships, introspection, perseverance, and triumph. When I look back at that pilgrimage, I can still vividly remember the early mornings spent walking before sunrise, double shot espressos, bocadillo lunches, ‘Pilgrim Menu dinners, and shouts of “Buen Camino!”.

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimmage

I documented that 500-mile journey and put together a video called “The Journey of the Mind“. That video is now approaching 250,000 views on YouTube, and is probably the most popular piece of content I’ve ever created. In a lot of ways, that video inspired me to launch Trail to Peak in 2014. Seeing how a simple video could inspire so many people to get outside and want to walk a pilgrimage made me want to share and inspire even more.

This summer, I will be returning to the Camino. This time on the Portuguese route starting in Porto. This Camino will be a shorter 150-mile journey, and I will be joined by my wife and almost 2-year old son! We’re excited to walk The Way and begin making our journey towards Santiago de Compostela. Spain and Portugal will be my son’s 4th and 5th countries having visited Iceland, Vietnam, and Cambodia last year. This is definitely our most ambitious trip to date. We hope to inspire more families to enjoy The Way together.

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Getting in front of the camera is not easy for me and not something that comes naturally. I’ve gotten very comfortable behind the camera, but am starting realize how much more effective communication can be in today’s world of media when I can speak directly to each viewer. In the weeks and months ahead, I want to make more vlog style videos on my gear selections, planning logistics, daily trip reports, and more. Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see next.

Buen Camino and happy trails!

I'm Drew, creator of Trail to Peak. Trail to Peak brings content to life on the web through breath-taking photography and captivating video. I launched Trail to Peak in 2014 with a goal to inspire readers to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I have traveled to 19 countries, walked Camino de Santiago, hiked the John Muir Trail, trekked through the Andes of Peru, and am constantly seeking new adventures in my home state of California. Joining me on my weekly adventures is my partner, Julia, our son, Owen, and our two goldendoodles, Isla and Lilly.

18 comments on “Camino Vlog 000: Returning to Camino de Santiago to walk the Portuguese Route!

  1. Drew, I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you are doing the Portuguese route with your family. I look forward to your blogs and vlogs. You might feel more comfortable behind the camera but you came across really well on this video. Buen Camino!

    • Thank you! It’s an exciting time! We hope to be able to walk the Ingles and Primativo route in years to come if he likes this one. Hopefully I’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera after a few more vlogs.

  2. Hi Drew! Good to know you’ll be doing the Portuguese camino, wonderful! Are you doing Porto – Alvarinho? If so, let me just warn that Porto it’s a beautiful city, and i definitely recommend it! But getting out of a city is not nice, a lot of traffic and the views are not worth it. I did it in 2015. I loved all the days, except the first! So if you can/want reconsider, spending a day in Porto, take some transport to Alvarinho (the Albergue here it’s a fantastic monastery), and start from there! Just an idea!
    Buen Camino!

    p.s. if you need some help, i’m portuguese (from lisbon), just let me know!

    • Thank you for the information! Yes, we are starting from Porto, so that we can spend two days adjusting to the time change before walking. Thank you for the tip on starting from Alvarinho! Buen Camino!

  3. I walked the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon to SdC in 2016. A beautiful journey, especially if you take the coastal route from Porto! Enjoy and Bom caminho! Mel

    • My uncle walked the coastal route a few years ago, but we’ll be taking the central route. We’re really looking forward to it!

  4. Songsta

    The bishop who confirmed my daughter a couple of weeks ago spoke eloquently about his recent El Camino experience. I’m trying to convince my teenage girls to join me. I can imagine what a wonderful walk it would be. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

    • That would make for a great trip. Hopefully you can talk them into it. Walking the way would be an amazing experience for her have just been through confirmation.

  5. Anonymous


    Awesome you’re walking the Portuguese Way with your family!!! You inspired me on my first ever Camino from St. Jean to Santiago in 2014 by your “Journey of the Mind” video.. I watch it still.. I’m in Tomar, south of you right now… if I run into you all- I’ll know who you are! Thanks for your awesome work- you and your family!

    Buen Camino

    • Did you start in Lisbon? We wanted to walk from there, but were limited with time. Hopefully we’ll see you along the Way. Buen Camino!

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry- “Anonymous” on June 4, 2018 is Gilbert Medina… haven’t logged in yet!!!!😉

  7. Hey, that’s another awesome adventure! I belive once you’ve walked The Way once, you’re bound to go back at some point… So cool that you’Re planning it with your wife and son, it’ll be fabulous to do that together and for us to follow you on that new journey!

    Wishing you the best on the trail, as always!
    Buen Camino!


    • I feel the same way. Once you’ve walked the Camino, there will always be a pull in one’s heart and mind to return. Buen Camino!

  8. Stanley Sauerwein

    Drew: I’m really looking forward to your video reports of the Portuguese Camino because I’m planning that Camino for next summer. I’ll be 67. My last Camino from St. Jean included an accident that laid me up for a couple of years. Bad bad feet but lots of Camino friends. I’ve just launched the book on Amazon and I looking for reviews. I’d be happy to gift you a free copy if you are interested. Hopefully you’d be kind enough to leave me an honest review.

    • Great to hear, Stanley! I just returned home from the Portuguese and am getting ready to edit the photos and video. Sorry to hear about your accident on the Camino from St Jean!

  9. Buen Camino!

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