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Isla’s Off Leash Training 3.22.14

Stallion Springs is the perfect place to get Isla lots of off leash training while on trail, there are miles of  secluded horse trails that cut through surrounding hills of oak and brush. Dewey sets a great example, and to be honest, we haven’t had to do any real training to get Isla acclimated to being off leash. She has incredible recall and always comes when called. When we’re silent and still to test her, she doesn’t like to roam more than 15-20 meters away from us. She’s seen quail, deer, rabbits, chipmonks, crows, and hawks…and she never diverts her attention or strays away from the task. She’s only nine months old, and we have a lot of training left to do, but so far she gets an A+. For people who love to hike, like Julia and I, it’s hard not to take Isla out on the trails for long days. We have to be patient and wait for her little body to reach full maturity. Most vets recommend waiting until the dog is one year old to start any serious physical activity, so we’ll stick to that. It’s still a lot of fun getting her out on the trail to work on training for now.

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