Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flat 01.05.13

We hiked to the summit of Mt. Wilson today, the first in the SoCal Six Pack of Peaks. We’ll take on the rest this Spring and Summer to prepare for Mt. Whitney, Half Dome, and Tour Du Mont Blanc. It was nice to hike in the lower elevations, as our last few hikes have involved a lot of ice and snow. The climb still packs in 4300ft of gain, but with much more oxygen and shade to be had the entire way.
Mt Wilson Hike

We started early, 7:15 AM, at Chantry Flat to avoid the traffic. There were only two spots left in the lot when we arrived. It was an absolute madhouse in the parking lot when we returned from our hike, a whole lot of the LA scene comes here to get their weekend calorie burn.


The first few miles from Chanty Flat run along the stream and pass Sturtevant Falls. There is a nice little half mile offshoot that takes you right to the mouth of the falls, but we were more interested in heading to the top of Mt. Wilson. The final 2-3 miles include a series of punishing switchbacks. It was nice to get the heart rate up before reaching the summit. The “summit” isn’t really much of a summit at all, but view the telescopes and observations centers from a gravel road is a nice change of pace from the usual panorama. From here, we completed the loop and fought our way out of the parking lot chaos.

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