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4th of July on Cucamonga Peak 7.4.13

The Star Spangled Banner, Fireworks, the 1812 Overture, Air Shows — all commemorations of War–NDT. For our 4th of July, we made our way back up to the summit of Cucamonga Peak. This time around, we started early at 5:45 AM and reached the top at 9:00. Having the entire day at the summit felt like a full vacation. We found the perfect spot for camping, with flat ground and plenty of tree cover. We read all day and only interrupted our book time with a few meal breaks. There were about 5 day hikers who made it to the top, and a total of 6 others with plans like ours to spend the night.


The inland valley was crystal clear by the time night fell, with sky streamers of purple and pink giving way to a crisp night sky. By 9:00 PM, it was easy to see which cities allowed fireworks, Rancho and Upland were dead quite, meanwhile Fontana was blasting off like a war zone. There were major shows at Quakes Stadium, Upland High School, and a location in Chino. In the distance, we could see the shows at Disneyland, and a few in Los Angeles.

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