Bighorn Peak and Ontario Peak 6.15.13 TRAINING DAY 4 FOR MACHU PICCHU AND SALKANTAY

Today we set out to conquer the remaining two peaks in the main range here of our backyard, Bighorn Peak and Ontario Peak. In four weeks we’ve reached the summit of Baldy, Cucamonga, Timber, Telegraph, Thunder, Ontario, and Bighorn. Bighorn lived up to the billing as we saw a family of Bighorn sheep on our way towards Ontario Peak. It was the ultimate reward for four weeks of hard work.

GM Image

We had a full day scheduled and needed to be home at noon, so our journey began bright and early at 4:15 AM. Hiking Icehouse Canyon in the dark is nothing new for us, but the sun didn’t fully rise until we reached the Saddle. For anyone who has grown tired of the massive wave of hikers flowing through Icehouse during the summer, I would highly recommend leaving early. The only person we saw all morning was a man who had camped out near the Ontario Peak trail.

*Bighorn Sheep (Look how well they blend in)

The weather was sunny but not really warm until 9AM or so. We were both glad to have brought our windproof running vests. We passed through Kelly Camp and made our way up to the junction for Ontario Peak and Bighorn Peak. It was here that we were able to see the blanket of white obscuring the view of the valley floor. It was quite nice, as we had clear views of this same area two weeks before on our hike up Cucamonga Peak. We first climbed Bighorn, and on our way back down say a family of Bighorn Sheep enjoying the morning sun. Not long after, we had reached the summit of Ontario and took in the views of the IE below.

Distance: 14.42 mi
Time: 6:57:52
Avg Pace: 28:34 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 5,996 ft
Calories: 1,697 C


Time: 6:57:52
Moving Time: 4:47:55
Elapsed Time: 6:57:58
Avg Pace: 28:34 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace: 19:58 min/mi
Best Pace: 8:00 min/mi


Elevation Gain: 5,996 ft
Elevation Loss: 6,026 ft
Min Elevation: 4,975 ft
Max Elevation: 8,687 ft
Laps: 15
Avg Pace
Summary 6:57:52.0 14.42 28:34
1 24:53.5 1.00 24:53
2 29:57.7 1.00 29:58
3 26:59.1 1.00 26:59
4 34:46.2 1.00 34:47
5 35:42.0 1.00 35:43
6 33:05.6 1.00 33:04
7 32:32.9 1.00 32:33
8 24:47.9 1.00 24:47
9 41:09.0 1.00 41:08
10 24:36.8 1.00 24:36
11 22:24.0 1.00 22:24
12 24:02.3 1.00 24:02
13 26:51.5 1.00 26:51
14 28:08.6 1.00 28:09
15 7:55.3 0.42 18:49


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