Camino de Santiago


After reaching the small seaside town of Finisterre, there are still 3 km to walk before reaching the lighthouse. We decided to stop at the beach, swim, tan, eat, and check in to our hotel before making the final walk out. The wait was well worth it, and allowed the evening fog to make welcome appearance in a few photos.

This morning I took a bus back to Santiago. This was my first time using transportation other than my feet in almost a month. It felt remarkably awkward. After so much solitude and isolation, the churn of public transportation was a bold reintroduction. I met back up with Sara in the Santiago bus station, and went with her to the airport. It’s back to Barcelona for the Catalan princess. Saying goodbye to so many great people has been tough, but I know we’ll find a way to stay in touch over the coming years. Who knows, maybe even on another Camino.










4 comments on “Finisterre!!

  1. Omg, your photos are amazing! I am that close to write a comment below every one of your posts! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! It’ll be fun to document my way when it’s my turn to hike El Camino.
    Thanks for showing the way.

    I’ll be reading your other adventures too soon.
    Happy hiking!

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