Camino de Santiago

Day 13: Sahagun to Mansilla de las Mulas

Today was one of the tougher stretches on the Camino. Part of the 36 km included an 18 km stretch with no water along the way. In the heat of the meseta, I opted for an incredibly heavy pack and carried three liters. Chris knew the entire history of the old Roman road that makes up part of the stretch. Unfortunately, he had to stay in the city before it starts, as his blisters were too bad to walk today. The heat caused a small blister to form on the side of my heel this afternoon, but other than that, I’ve remained remarkably healthy.

There really wasn’t much to take pictures of today, as I’ve burned myself out on sunflowers 🙂 I had a few questions about how the path is marked, so I took a few photos of how we follow The Way.





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  1. Cindy Clauson

    I love following you Drew! Thank you for sharing. Keep the spirit..stay strong..enjoy!:-)

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