Camino de Santiago

Day 12: Villalcazar to Sahagun

The meseta was really starting to wear on me today. The continuos landscape made my pupils lay flat, refusing to take anymore in. Days like this are great for reflection. Towards the end of my walk I met a German guy named Chris. He was a history major, and really knew a lot about the history of the Camino. Actually, he knew a lot about most everything. His conversations were exactly what I needed to make it through the 40 km we covered.

It was great to walk through mile after mile of sunflowers as the sun rose. I’ve watched every sunrise and sunset over the past 2 weeks. Seeing this has been incredible. It makes you realize that a day will come when you’ve seen more sunsets and sunrises than you’re likely to see again. There has to be a half time. It gives a greater sense of urgency when contemplating rotations on the third planet from the sun.






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