Camino de Santiago

Day 7: Najera to Redecilla del Camino

Today I completed my first week on the Camino. I have walked 215 km (134 mi), which still leaves me 574 km. I’m really enjoying things thus far, and am excited to start week number two.

I walked from Najera to Redicella del Camino this morning. Only two more days until Burgos.






8 comments on “Day 7: Najera to Redecilla del Camino

  1. I love your photos – so different from the spring walk I did!

  2. Silly question: did you hike with your computer so you can send daily updates on your blog?
    I don’t want to carry mine…

    • I didn’t. I just walked with an iphone. I used it to take pictures and update WordPress. It was really nice and light. I didn’t want to have my laptop getting in the way of things.

      • I don’t either. First because of the weight, but foremost because I don’t want to spend time on it after such beautiful days of hiking.
        It’ll either be a full no-internet hike or a once-in-a-while-update through my cellphone too. I’ll think about it…

      • Exactly! After a day of walking it’s really nice to just sit with other pilgrims and talk. I really enjoyed getting to know so many people. Getting away from being connected all day was one of my favorite parts of walking.

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