Day 6: Logrono to Najera


30 km today after a long 40 km day yesterday. I think I’ll take a rest day tomorrow, and keep the distance below 25 km before heading in to Burgos.

If anyone has question they want answered or wants to know specific things about the Camino, write a comment or send me a Facebook message.






Day 5: Villamayor de Monjardin to Logrono

Day 7: Najera to Redecilla del Camino


9 thoughts on “Day 6: Logrono to Najera”

  1. Hey Son! The pictures just keep getting more and more beautifu! Is there any way of knowing how many people are walking the Camino on any given day? Every pic always looks so remote and pristine.

    • I usually see about 20-30 on the trail, but I’m sure the total each day for each section is 100-200. Each alburgue I’ve stayed at along the way has been full.

  2. I’m more and more eager to hit the trail…
    Did you find available space in each albergue you came across? Was it hard to find lodging? this is my only real concern so far…

    Always love your pics!

    • That’s great to hear. I was able to find lodging just about everywhere. The first albergue I checked in Logrono was full, but there was one with availability right down the street. Once I got to Sarria, I had to call ahead and get reservations. The last 100km to Santiago can be very crowded. This was in 2012, I’ve heard it’s even more crowded now.

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