Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was his summer in San Francisco. If I had more than a few days to spend, I might say the same of London. I absolutely love it. Being able to comfortably walk miles in a city during the summer makes things quite nice. As much as I love Barcelona, the heat and humidity can be a bit much on a summer day while putting in the miles.

The people of London have been incredible, the sites have been spectacular, and the the city has charmed the pants off of me. Every little neighborhood has a great deal of character. I really enjoy the neighborhood of Camden, which is where I’m staying, as well as Chelsea, which is where a group of friends reside.

I exist, what could mean more than that?








I'm Drew, creator of Trail to Peak. Trail to Peak brings content to life on the web through breath-taking photography and captivating video. I launched Trail to Peak in 2014 with a goal to inspire readers to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I have traveled to 19 countries, walked Camino de Santiago, hiked the John Muir Trail, trekked through the Andes of Peru, and am constantly seeking new adventures in my home state of California. Joining me on my weekly adventures is my partner, Julia, our son, Owen, and our two goldendoodles, Isla and Lilly.

4 comments on “London

  1. You experience and you are conscious of it. That, my friend, makes it so much better. Glad to see you’re enjoying my one-time hometown. I’d live there again in a heartbeat.

  2. Looks like you are enjoying your adventure!

  3. London is an amazing place. My friend and I will visit again after having walked El Camino. =)

    • Paola,

      That’s great! I really enjoyed London. My favorite was taking the train up to Salisbury and seeing stonehenge! There is also a copy of the magna carta in the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral.


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